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   Sarpa Mitra (Snake Lovers) 
  For Awareness on snakes..
Snakes Becoming a Sarpa Mitra  
Serpentorium Snake Watchers Groups  
Venom Extraction Snake Bite-First Aid  
Useful Books    
Useful Weblinks    
PETA / Blue Cross critically observes activities of Sarpa Mitras
Sarpa Mitra Sammelans
Anna Lakde, Nilkanth Wagh, Deepak Takne (Gangapur), Rajesh Thombare (Chalisgaon) and Manish Godbole (Nasik, Trimurti Nagar), Manik Kumavat, Godbole
PETA / Blue Cross- Rishikesh Nazre
Sarpamitra sammelan held at Thane on Feb 28,2009
(Organisers - S D Narnavar- 9819112524, Anil Toradmal- 9967214207)
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