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Bird Sanctuaries

Nandur Madhyameshwar, Tal. Niphad, Dist Nashik :- Recorded over 12000 birds of 240 + species in Chapatgaon, Mastargaon and Dam area of Nandur Madhyameshwar in a survey conducted by RFO T L Binnar, S J Tamayachkar and Guides Amol Darade, Gangaram Agav. Birdwatcher club activists Prof Anand Bora, Sujit Jadhor, Prof Rajendra Khairnar associated (Nov 2009). More Info: Wildlife Dept of Forest (Mah Govt) - (STD ?) 3317114-15

Nannaj, Solapur :- Maldhok bird sanctuary
Useful Books

Pakshi Mitra - Editor-Digambar Gadgil - 0253-2577968, 9881099711
(39, Anandvan Colony, College Rd, Nashik)

Useful Weblinks  How to find the best Birding Binoculars  : Dedicated to Bird Watching. Executive Committee Members (2009 to 2012)  : By Yuvraj Gurjar, Photographer and columnist on Birds Watch  : National Centre for Biological Sciences - undertaken study of migratory- Chatak - Pied Cuckoo




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