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  Value Education
 To explore, revive, refine, redefine and reflect good thoughts into action..

   'Value Education' is a capsule course that imparts 'worthy knowledge and skillful technique' on how to make decision about what is right or wrong; what is good or bad; how to behave properly with good mannerism and style; how to judge others on moral grounds; how to follow and practice standard professional ethics and how to get acceptable across all religious and cultural hues. It teaches how to get rid of toxics like 'illusory beliefs', 'regimented biases', 'hardened prejudices', 'lopsided realities', 'tunnel visions', 'bitter ill-will', 'selective hatred', 'discriminatory practices', 'cheating, falsehood and lies'. Value Education is truly 'universal' in nature, and made for universal citizens.

   The point is, where is such 'Value Education'? Why is it not reaching all people ? Who is blocking it ?

   The people who love free thinking, independence and democracy, have every right to know about 'Value Education'.




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