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 Hobby / Personality Development  

 Academic Hobbies



   Personality Development
 To get good, better and best in style, taste, skills and performance...
Daily Routine - Must Style & Substance Know Yourself -
Body care Set your Goals, Principles Rational or Superstitious
Diet Get Self Organized Objective or Emotional
Exercise Get Disciplined Positive or Negative
Time Management Consciousness & Sensibility Ethical or Mythical
  Style & Surprise Elements Scientific or Absurdist
  Strategy & Tactics Real or Illusionary
    Learning To Think
Popular Books - Developing Skills & Tech Perfectionist or Casual
Personality Development Voice Culture Sportive or Stubborn
Self Improvement Fast Reading Selfless or Self-centered
Good Habits Voice Culture Secular or Communal
Sanskars Memorization Theist or Atheist or Agnostic
Etiquettes & Manners Conversational Self Confident or Dependant
Good Quotes Communication Friendly or Reserved
  Debating Tolerant or Intolerant
  Group Discussion  
  Creative Hobbies  
  Facing Jokes, Insults, Shame  
  Controlling Anger, Stress  
  Improving Language  
  Developing Thinking  

Please share your experiences (sweet, sour & humorous) on learning Personality Development...

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