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 For awareness on health issues...

  Public Health issue has become very critical in India with growing deterioration of health services; rising and unaffordable costs of medicines; private doctors and hospitals blatantly violating all norms of professional ethics, morality and humanity; patient becoming victim of the system for  inferior and ineffective treatment; and illness striking repetitively in unhealthy environment etc. Sadly, this is a true picture of Poor India and Rural India. The loopholes in the system are beyond rectification until they are plugged by their very creators.

  Real problem is, "what should common man do in the present situation ?"
 Charitable Medical Help  Heath Checkup Parameters
 NGOs & Support Groups  Health Gadgets
 Alternative Medicine  Healthy Diet
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 Govt Health Policy, MCI  Health & Medicine Issues
 Rural Health Mission  Unethical & Corrupt Practices
 Medicine and Health Education  Fake medicines, doctors, babas

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