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  Green Cities
  For convergence of infrastructure and technology with nature...

   Most often the concept of "Green City" is found in use as a gimmick by  political leaders and as a 'business mantra'  by real estate magnets to hoodwink people.  

    Is it for classes or masses? Whether Govt would siphon off funds from  common man's welfare allocation to spend it on the fad, affordable only to the rich?  

     Such questions would continue to be raised until the common man is able to join Green City movement for his own good & start it from his home.
 Do you know ?
 What is Green City Project and Where is it's Prototype?
 Is Green City, an appendage of the Smart City & a show off by rich nations?
 Are the existing Green Cities, real ones ?
 What should be common man's take for the Green City ?
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