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Clean River Status
Major Rivers
- Ganga, Yamuna (North)
- Godavari (South)
- Kaveri (South)
- Tapi (West)
- Narmada
- Brahmaputra (NE)
Rivers Dead & Lost
 - Saraswati
Maharashtra Rivers
Mithi (Mumbai)
Mula, Mutha, Pavna (Pune)
Kalu, Bhatsa (Thane)
Kundalika (Raigad)
Panchaganga (Kolhapur)
Krishna, Koyna (Satara)
Niri, Bhima (Solapur)
Kahnan (Nagpur)


  Clean Rivers
  A wake up call to clean the polluted water resources...

  Rivers are called lifelines but almost 100 % rivers in the country are polluted and many of them are no more than sewage carriers, and some of them are feared nearing their death. Major blame goes to our myopic and faulty town planning and Govt's weaknesses to act.

    Let us know magnitude of the problem and its remedial measures, so that the common man become vigilant and proactive on the issue.


 Profile of Important Rivers in India
 Status of River Pollution in India & World
 Progress of major ongoing Clean River Projects
 Issue of Commercialization of River waters
Please share your input, views...

 Vedic, Pauranic and other scriptural references on why any particular river was being praised and held as sacred ones. We welcome such information from Sanskrit, Pali, Ardha Magadhi, Avestan, Old Persian, Tibetan and Hellenic (Indo-European) texts along with geographical, ecological, environmental, and other scientific input.  It would be worthwhile to explore, whether we are forgetting any code of the ancient?

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