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   'Mission Cleanliest City' has been a top priority agenda of all countries of the world. In India, the 'clean' word has special reverence in our old texts and rituals. But the policy and its implementation has  often remained mired in ulterior motives, shady designs & shabby flaws at different levels.

   Every city vies with the other cities to win the competition for the title of 'cleanliest cities of the world'. This achievement is a direct reflection of dynamic political leadership, highly proactive and performing bureaucracy and voluntary contribution of enthusiastic citizens groups. 

   The ranking of  'Cleanliest City' is decided on the factors like (1) Quality and availability of drinking water (2)  Recycling and waste management (3) Garbage collection service (4) Fluency in transit (5) Air quality / pollution (6) waste removal (7) sewage systems (8) traffic density / congestion. Besides, factors like beautification of the city - natural landscape, culture, food etc. Reduction in use of petroleum in transportation by resorting to green energy is also taken into account.

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