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  Political Party Profiles

  Awareness on the Political Parties, their leaders and their role...

    Every Citizen of this country has a right to know basic profile of the political party he or she was going to vote and empower it's leaders to run the affairs of the country as their representative. It is also duty of the citizen cum voter, to know and crosscheck before casting their vote whether the party indeed have true political vision and capability to officiate in the prestigious seat of power? Whether the party is active nation-wide and having strong presence in most parts of the country? Whether its record of doing good for the nation and also delivering peoples promises is trustworthy? and importantly, whether it's leaders and contestants deserve to be called as their representatives and are free from the blot of corruption and criminality.

  Are Political Parties & their members supposed to work on their declared aims and objectives; owe allegiance to the constitution and laws of the land, follow intra-party democracy; observe transparency about membership and finances; remain committed to and raise pro-people issues; uphold moral ground by opposing nepotism, favoritism and corrupt practices; not compromising with vested interests; not falling to their greed and form nexus with bureaucracy, business people and criminals;  and truly serving the public cause ?

  Of late, people are losing their faith in political parties for various reasons. It is high time for political parties to take corrective steps to live up to the expectations of the people, or at least make genuine efforts in that regard.   

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