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 Social  / Basic Social Info & Universal Social Agenda  

  We must admit that our country has hundreds of thousands of castes, communities and social groups. We must accept caste as a reality and take pride on its large numbers that reflect a unique blend of rich diverse culture of the nation. However, how many people of these many castes, barring a few privileged and socially dominant castes, have shown any interest in knowing basic social information of one's own caste, if not of the other castes? The answer is big no. Why ? Is it because the older generation thinks that it was the job of the Govt, or that of the top social order, while the younger generation takes a grim view of it and calls the Caste an old antiquated typecast matter, irrelevant for the present day idea of a modern society. What is missing in between them is the right attitude to own up 'social responsibility'. If we disown this 'social responsibility', the nation is bound to breed hollow nationalism and fake patriotism. 

  Hence, this platform aims to facilitate the people who are desiring to build the 'basic social information' about their own caste, voluntarily. The people may further use this basic social information to find for themselves a social place in own community, establish intra and inter community 'dialogue and interaction' for achieving social sensibility, positivity, parity, equality, fraternity, constructive activity, and responsibility towards one's family, neighbourhood, community, society and the nation.

  In the light of constitutional provisions like guaranteeing all citizens social equality and fundamental rights as well as prohibiting caste discrimination and caste-exploitation (in all forms),  the people should take advantage of this new found social consciousness and social awakening in the country. The people should come forward to dump politics of caste conflicts and instead take a mantra of social development and upward mobile progress in national interest. If this is not forthcoming seriously, the Orwellian type (Animal Farm) counter-revolution is certain to repeat and demolish all sort of social reforms.   

  Roadmap for building Basic Social Information :

  Building Basic Social Information of a community is a very hard, tedious and continuously demanding job, especially for backward and underprivileged communities. Besides, it requires high degree of qualified approach, objectivity, truth, integrity, honesty, rationality, transparency, openness and attitude to treat people of all communities as equal partners. It also requires high degree of patience and politically correct response against all sort of distracters, provocateurs, instigators, mischief makers and rumour mongers under command of vested interests and adversaries.

  This basic social information is expected to help the common man in this information age to remove one's vacuum of social information (social illiteracy), to minimize chances of becoming victim of vicious disinformation campaigns on social issues, and to enable oneself to transcend beyond psychological barriers to enter new age of Social Awakening & Consciousness.

 Open resources to get basic social information :-

Conventional Social Knowledge - (ancient period to the modern times)


Conventional resources are mythologies, orthodox traditions & customs, discriminatory and abnormal practices, social taboos and authoritarian privileges (including conjugal rights over women of other castes), folklore, oral history of community's heroes & saints, etc.  

Caste History - (To be substantiated by documents and records)


Caste History about hereditary occupational practices of Castes & Sub-castes, various types of caste discriminatory practices (- custom-wise, food-wise, water-wise, dress-wise, walking and talking wise, speaking wise, deity and religious ritual wise), ban on taking education (writing and reading), ban on taking any other employment than caste occupation, ban on not holding any landed property, forced migrations, struggles for social justice and social dignity, struggles for political power, participation in India's freedom struggle etc.
As a matter of fact, comparative study of the Caste history prevailing during the rule of Mughals and Britishers would provide interesting reading. Because, Mughals had given full freedom to the Brahmins to treat Hindus as per chaturvarna system and did not bother about social plight of the Shudras and Ati-Shudras.  Whereas, the Britishers treated all natives alike, irrespective of their status and privileges of caste, class, sect, and religion.

Sociological and Socio-Anthropological Study -

   As per parameters of social sciences
Demographic Study -
   As per scientific surveys and census reports
Human Development Index (HDI) -
   As per global norms of measuring average status of peoples' health, education, per capita income, socio-economic progress and standard of living. Also to evaluate social development in the light of UNO's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 
Political Contribution -
   Role and behaviour of Caste during elections, emerging caste patterns and caste sensitivity to various issues, Seat and Vote percentile wise caste performance, political assertiveness of caste and mechanism for power sharing.

Developmental Studies  -

- Compilation of  a directory of Community's Who's Who of Prominent Persons, Leadership and Organizations / Institutions (Social, Educational, Financial etc). 

- Study Paper on (1) how to redefine, restructure & revitalize existing social structure (within the caste), by clearly stating its purpose and objectives and  (2) how to streamline social working (within caste) on issues relating to social justice, social security & safety, social freedom, educational progress and economic development, in a peaceful and legal ways. (3) suggesting better remedy to negotiate with hostile and damaging forces to prevent instances like discriminatory practices, atrocities, threat to life and property, coercive tactics, lobbying etc in education and employment. 

 - Status paper on Efficacy of Constitutional Provisions - What substantial difference did it make to underprivileged sections by implementation / practice, in letter and spirit, of the constitutional provisions of Preamble, Fundamental Rights (Articles 14-32), Fundamental Duties (Articles 51A) of Citizens, Right to Vote, Right to Information, Right to Education, etc. Did it benefit the weaker sections or led it to further social frictions and incidents of oppression ?

Community's Social Agenda -
Social Agenda being adopted for community development 
Community's Vision Plan -
Future Plan & Vision paper on Community's Development Prospects for Next 25 years
Contribution to the Society and Nation -

Factual statement on community's specific contribution to the society besides its efforts to  strengthen the National Social Mainstream, National Unity and National Integration.  

  Any relevant information

Building basic social information is collective responsibility of all members of the community and don't expect the Govt or other community people to do your work in charity. 


  "National Social Mainstream" symbolizes unity and integrity of all existing castes, communities and social groups irrespective of their religion, ethnicity and creed. This Social Mainstream is possible as soon as all like-minded castes and communities adopt a modern and nationalist outlook, by rising above their caste specific traditions, customs, biases, prejudices, economic disparities, discriminatory privileges, hardened complexes, mental blocks, provincial and linguistic differences etc.

  "The Constitution" adopted at the time of independence has already guaranteed equality of all social groups and made acts of caste domination, caste discrimination and caste exploitation as criminal and punishable under the law. Now it is up to the people of new independent India to get into the true nationalist character in larger interests of all people and become a new dynamic citizen. 

   "The mainstream" should evolve itself into a true nationalist entity and foster a new 'National Social Culture' to ensure conducive atmosphere by upholding & protecting, Social Freedom, Social Equality, Social Fraternity, Social Security, Social Sense of Human Values & Sanity, Social Peace & Harmony and Progress & Prosperity for all citizens, in order to rear and realize  a transparent National Unity and Integrity. 

To adhere to the Preamble, Fundamental Rights & Duties enshrined in the Constitution of India.
To build Directory of Social Who's Who (Prominent Persons & Notable Institutions) for general awareness.
To promote 'intra' & 'inter' community dialogue & interaction for all round social development.
To encourage Self-Help & Mutual Help to sort out socio-economic problems on community's own efforts.
To work for social upliftment, social justice, social infrastructure, social engineering, social enterprise
To extend Helping Hand to the deserving & genuine needy
To promote national social mainstreaming of all castes and communities for national unity.
To facilitate common man to share and seek needful social information, freely and openly !!


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